About Us

Business And COMputer Solutions (BACOMSO), founded in 1999 as a software consultancy house, has now grown to be a global IT company.   Increased competition and efficiency demands, make strategic information essential to organizations around the world.   With our portfolio of products and services for all type of business and industrial segments, we will help you to assemble this strategic information and rejoice in your growth.

With operations in 2 countries, the company has successfully completed number of turnkey projects for a wide range of customers.

Over the past 4 years BACOMSO has grown as a Global IT company, partnering with other industry specific experts and companies.  : We want to leverage our Business expertise in the areas of Manufacturing and Financial Services, to provide the best solutions for specific and focused issues.


- Customer satisfaction.
- We strive to provide on time, within budget, Quality project solutions.

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